Invisalign In Bartlett, IL

If you’re in search of an Invisalign dentist in the Bartlett, IL area, we invite you to visit us at Westgate Smiles. Our skilled dental team offers the procedure to patients, allowing them to obtain a straighter and more pleasing smile without the complications associated with traditional metal braces. This virtually undetectable method of teeth straightening is preferred among many patients because hardly anybody will know that you are wearing braces at all. Combining years of development in the field of orthodontia with the latest innovations in imaging technology, Invisalign has transformed the lives of many of our patients. We welcome you to come to us when you are ready to get started on the process of crafting a better, more beautiful smile.

What To Expect From The Invisalign Procedure

If you are looking at Invisalign as a possibility for teeth straightening, it is likely you want to learn more about the procedure and what you can expect. One of the most important things to note is that it is not typically recommended for our younger patients, and that not all adults will be ideal candidates for Invisalign. Only a skilled dentist can determine whether or not this procedure is right for you.

The process uses clear plastic trays called “aligners” to gradually move your teeth in a series of small steps into their desired position. New aligners are crafted and calibrated to fit your teeth at every stage of treatment to ensure that you get the best results possible. The number of aligners that you will require depends on the condition of your teeth, which means that the time it takes to complete treatment will vary by patient.

What Is The Price Tag?

Because the number of aligners needed will vary from patient to patient, the cost of Invisalign will also vary depending on the complexity of your case. Westgate Smiles will provide you with an assessment of your case to help you understand the cost of Invisalign for you personally. Numerous payment options are available. Contact us for more information about the Invisalign and to learn how it can help you!