Benefits Of Dental Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Many individuals have heard about the tremendous benefits of PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma. This blood by-product, which is rich in platelets, has been widely used in medical settings. Now, it is making its way into the world of dentistry, where it has an incredible number of applications that can help dental patients in the healing process.

The way PRP works is surprisingly simple. Platelets have a number of applications in the healing process, which include the release of growth factors into wounds and blood clotting. The more growth factors the body has access to in the healing process, the faster wounds can heal. Using PRP, naturally sourced from a patient’s own body, is a way to increase the amount of growth factors to the patient as they heal.

How PRP Is Enriching Patients’ Experiences

Strong, proper healing is important for many different types of dental procedures, and because of that PRP is becoming increasingly popular as a way of promoting better healing after dental procedures. One of its most important applications is in the formation of new bone, making it a significant addition to many procedures that involve the bone of the patient’s jaw. Some types of dental procedures that can benefit from the use of PRP include:

  • Dental Implants (in which PRP helps with bone grafting)

  • Fistula Repair

  • Repair of Bone Trauma or Defects

In addition to faster healing, PRP is cost-efficient, convenient and, because it uses the patient’s own blood, completely safe. The process of using PRP is simple, requiring only a short outpatient procedure for the preparation of the PRP for a dental procedure.

Your dentist will be happy to discuss whether or not the use of PRP is right in your dental treatment. To learn more about PRP and the other technology used at Westgate Smiles, contact our office for more information!