Dental Tooth Sealants In Bartlett, IL

One of the most efficient ways to prevent your teeth from decaying is to talk to your primary care provider about the application of dental sealants. If you haven’t heard of dental or tooth sealants before, you’re not alone! Many of our patients haven’t heard of the procedure before. But if you’re not familiar about what sealants are or how they can help your overall dental health, let us teach you! Applying dental sealants is a quick and painless procedure that involves applying a sealant to the molars and premolars in the back of your mouth. They are applied in the same way a painter would paint on a canvas, though in this scenario, the masterpiece would be the grooves and spaces in your teeth!

Tooth Sealants Help Young Adults And Kids

Once applied, a tooth sealant acts as a small barrier that keeps food and plaque from gathering around the foundation of your teeth and in between gaps. Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash don’t always do as much as we would like to preserve one’s oral health, so sealants help in the process of keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Because of the amount of sugar and soda that is usually consumed by young adults and children, sealants are an excellent idea to help prevent tooth decay when regular dental hygiene isn’t enough.

How Tooth Sealants Are Applied:

  • Our Westgate Smiles dentist will sanitize your teeth before painting the sealant onto your teeth to prevent pre-existing plaque and tartar from being sealed in around your teeth. That would completely defeat the purpose of the sealant!

  • Cotton is stuffed into your mouth and around your teeth after the sanitation process of your teeth and gums has been completed. Applying cotton is the process dentists use to keep your teeth dry while applying the dental sealant.

  • A solution is rubbed onto the rugged surfaces of your teeth. This allows the dental sealant to attach easier to the grooves and other areas of your teeth.

  • Following this process, the dentist will wash your gums and teeth once more. Clean teeth are happy teeth!

  • The last process is the actual application of dental sealant. Once applied, the sealant will begin to bond, creating the barrier we mentioned earlier.

Sealants are a great tool for preventative dental health and we gladly provide this procedure at Westgate Smiles in Bartlett, IL.