Dental Implant Restorations

The goal of all dental implant restorations is to replace decayed or decaying teeth with prosthetic teeth. How those prosthetic teeth are actually created, though—and how much time passes between the installation of the implant and the installation of the final dental restoration—depends on the type of restoration being used.

Types Of Implant Restorations

There are two primary types of implant restorations in the dentistry world: conventional prosthesis and CAD/CAM restoration.

  • Conventional Prosthesis is the older, more traditional way of doing dental restorations. In this type of process, a dentist will implement the dental implant and top it off with a temporary restoration. While the patient wheres the temporary, the permanent restoration piece—be it a crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer—is crafted in a laboratory, a process that can take a week or longer. Once the piece is complete, the patient comes back in and has the temporary piece replaced with the permanent one.

  • CAD/CAM Dentisty expedites the process by allowing dentists to create high-quality finished dental restorations right there in the office. By using optical impressions and computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology, the dentist can have a crown, veneer, filling, bridge, onlay, or overlay completed and ready to be connected to a patient’s implant in as little as an hour.

The CEREC Dental Restoration System

At Westgate Smiles, we use the CEREC 3D system—a specific brand of CAD/CAM machine—to quickly create dental implant restorations. The CEREC machine creates beautiful, genuine-looking ceramic restorations that have the same color and texture as real teeth. In fact, many patients, from those getting fillings or crowns put in for the first time, to those replacing metal amalgam fillings, are astounded at just how great a CEREC dental restoration can look.

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It’s not difficult to see why CEREC and other methods of CAD/CAM dentistry are becoming all the rage for dental implant restoration. According to CEREC, over 14,000 doctors and dentists nationwide are using the brand’s systems for dental restorations, and that’s just one CAD/CAM brand!

If you are interested in experiencing CEREC’s high-quality ceramic crowns or fillings for yourself, contact us at Westgate Smiles today. We’ll speak to you about your dental history, schedule an appointment, and get you all set up for a quick and painless dental implant restoration in Bartlett, IL.