Professional Teeth Whitening In Bartlett, IL

Many of us have smiles that aren’t as bright as we would like them to be. Many common, everyday factors can leave teeth looking dingy and yellowed. These can include:

  • Beverages such as coffee, tea, soda and red wine

  • The use of nicotine products

  • Poor dental hygiene

While at-home teeth whitening products are available, they do not do as great a job as professional teeth whitening, such as is available through Westgate Smiles in Bartlett, IL. Rest assured that when you head to a dentist for teeth whitening, you are accessing the services of a skilled professional who can give you a smile that is as bright as you want it to be.

Why Should You Opt For Professional Teeth Whitening?

There are many reasons that an individual might opt for professional teeth whitening over at-home teeth whitening products. First and foremost, while at-home products such as rinses and whitening trays may help brighten a smile, they are not ideal for use with those who have sensitive teeth, as the product can cause irritation. Another factor to take into consideration is the amount of whitening that an individual needs. Typically, professional whitening is stronger than at-home solutions, and works faster. Having a dentist who is trained in the process perform the whitening can also ensure even, more natural results.

Finally, it is important to note that those who have had previous dental work may alter the color of their natural teeth, but may not be able to account for crowns and fillings when they perform an at-home teeth whitening. Those who have these issues can benefit from seeing a dentist for teeth whitening rather than attempting to use at-home products.

Are You Eligible?

Having your teeth whitened at Westgate Smiles is a safe procedure that can be completed in roughly an hour with the Whitening Zoom 1 HR whitening process, though this may vary depending on the state of your teeth at the beginning of the procedure and the level of whiteness that you would like. It is ideal that your teeth are healthy, in good condition and free of cavities before beginning the procedure for best results. If you have any concerns over whether or not professional teeth whitening is right for you, our staff at Westgate Smiles can help answer any questions that you may have about the procedure.