Pediatric Dentistry Services In Bartlett, IL

There aren’t many things as important you as your child’s health. Whether it pertains to dental, ophthalmology, or the general medical fields, ensuring that your children are happy and healthy in every department is something every parent with Westgate Smiles can relate to. We understand that finding a compassionate and understanding dentist for your child is a difficult task, and often when you do come across one, that dentist is booked and not accepting new patients. It can be a frustrating search for parents, especially if your child is in pain.

The Search For A Kids’ Dentist Stops Here

Luckily for you, Westgate Smiles offers many pediatric dental services, and we are accepting new patients every day. Is it important to bring your children in as soon as they start growing their baby teeth, usually around the first six to seven months. When a child turns six or seven several years later, those same baby teeth begin to fall out and adult teeth start to grow in. It is imperative to take your child to a dentist as soon as possible so that healthy oral and dental habits can be instilled early on to prevent diseases and decay. And although you may be inclined to take your child to any regular dentists, not all dental practitioners have the patience and temperament to deal with kids. As we all know, children are not usually fans of any medical office, and visiting the dentist can be a scary process. Our dentist is trained to know how to handle children when they are unsure and acting out during an examination.

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Include?

A good children’s dentist does a lot more than your regular dental practitioner. It is their job to instill good oral and dental hygiene early on to prevent complications and disease later on down the road. Aside from education, it also includes:

  • Prevention

  • Intervention

  • Early detection of oral and dental problems

  • Monitoring growth

  • Habit counseling

  • Repair of cavities and tooth imperfections

  • Orthodontia

Pediatric Dentistry Services Offered At Westgate Smiles In Bartlett, IL:

We pride ourselves on taking the time to treat the youngest of our patients to make their dental experience as stress-free as possible. Call us at Westgate Smiles to schedule an appointment for your child today.