Sirona 3D Digital Imaging Technology

Providing our patients with the best quality of care begins with having the best information possible prior to starting any procedure. This is why we at Westgate Smiles are proud to offer Sirona 3D digital imaging technology as a part of our practice. This cutting-edge technology allows us to gather the most information possible for your mouth, jaw, and teeth, giving us a much better vantage point for beginning any dental procedure than was available through older 2D dental imaging technology.

The Benefits Of Sirona 3D Digital Technology

Sirona 3D digital imaging technology provides us with numerous benefits as your dental practitioners, in addition to providing you with many benefits as a patient. This is why we see an increasing usage of this type of technology in our practice. Among the many benefits afforded to us through the use of this technology are:

  • Lower levels of radiation than other imaging technology such as medical grade CT

  • A simple, short scanning time of under a minute

  • The ability to diagnose and plan treatment in a single visit

  • Easy sharing of digital imaging among your dental treatment team

  • More accurate and faster dental care

What Makes Sirona 3D Digital Imaging Different?

With Sirona 3D digital imaging, the Westgate Smiles team can take upwards of 200 images of your jaw. This allows us to complete a cross-sectional 3D image, which provides us with a much better starting point for assessing the health of your mouth, jaw, and teeth. After all, your mouth is not a flat, two-dimensional plane, and older methods of imaging only allowed dentists to see a small snapshot of your overall oral health. With these newer, cutting-edge methods of dental imaging, we can do much more in a much quicker time frame. This is something that benefits both dentist and patient alike.

With this technology, we can combine the X-ray procedure, imaging, and diagnostics procedure into one convenient session, which leads to improved speed and efficiency when providing you and your family the dental care that you need. In addition to using this technology for diagnostics, Sirona 3D digital imaging is perfect for giving us a view of your teeth that we can use in implant procedures, denture planning, and much more