Injections With Dental Vibe In Bartlett, IL

Quality dental care includes the use of the best possible technology to ease the stress of the dental experience. With Dental Vibe, one of the most common dental fears – injections – is completely eliminated. Dental Vibe technology makes use of a patented, handheld device that helps to reduce or even eliminate the pain associated with dental injections. This makes for a process that is pain-free and stress-free from beginning to end.

Dental Vibe is safe, gentle and does not require any pills or the inhalation of any gases in order to take effect. Injections completed with Dental Vibe take less time to complete, and the entire process of using it can typically be finished in under a minute, regardless of where in the mouth the injection is needed. Even better, once completed, you will not have any of the drowsy side effects that are commonly associated with other forms of dental sedation. Studies with Dental Vibe have shown that less anesthesia is required for dental procedures in which the technology is used.

It’s easy to see why this technology has earned awards, including representation on Dentistry Today’s 26th annual list of Top 100 Products. Rest assured that with this incredible technology, you will have a much safer, much more convenient, and much less painful dental procedure, regardless of what it is you need.

We are excited to offer Dental Vibe at Westgate Smiles for our Bartlett, IL customers in hopes of making dental procedures less frightening and painful. Please call us for more information today or schedule a consultation today.