Dental Pulpotomy Procedure For Kids

Unfamiliar with what a pulpotomy procedure entails? Rest assured that you are not the only one who hasn’t heard of a dental pulpotomy and how it can help you begin the process of earning a healthier, pain-free mouth. For those of you who have been suffering through agonizing toothaches, a pulpotomy may be the solution for you. Usually it is a condition that is present in children more than adults, and involves the inflammation of a pulp chamber. This typically occurs in the event of a cavity growing too close to the pupal chamber, at which point the tissue in this area becomes irritated and swollen. This is what you feel during a toothache, and this can be an especially painful experience for our younger patients. This usually occurs in the molars of baby teeth, but can also occur in other teeth through the mouth.

What Happens During A Dental Pulpotomy?

Once diagnosed, our dentist at Westgate Smiles will do his best to save every bit of the tooth he possibly can during the pulpotomy procedure. The first step in repairing the damaged area is to remove the bacteria and decay that has grown into the chamber, and then to remove the pulp above the root canals. The dentist will work towards sterilizing the area to remove any excess bacteria that may be hiding and could possibly infect other teeth in the future if not fully taken care of. Once this is done, the infected area is filled with a sealing material and capped with a crown. Dental pulpotomy typically has a very high success rate.

Benefits Of A Pulpotomy Procedure:

A pulpotomy can prevent unnecessary losses of teeth due to infection and further decay. The dentist will do everything they can to preserve the infected tooth, but this is not always possible. Undergoing the procedure also allows for the chance of a baby tooth to develop into a permanent tooth down the road if it is successfully executed.

The best benefit to come out of this is to see your child smile again! For children, a toothache can be extremely painful, especially in the case of a decaying or damaged tooth. A pulpotomy is often the best solution to help alleviate their pain.