Dentures Now Available In Bartlett, IL

Many of our patients every year come to us in hopes of filling those gaps in their smile with bridges, implants, or a variety of other cosmetic procedures without ever considering the possibility of full or partial dentures. But when talking about the option of maybe crafting a new pair of teeth, many of these same patients are held back by common myths about them. For example, patients think that full or partial dentures are difficult to clean, eat with, look unsightly, and can contribute to speech impediments. These rumors often scare patients away from dentures.

Many Patients All Over The United States Use Full Or Partial Dentures

It’s true! Needing a prosthetic isn’t something to shy away from. Advancements in technology have allowed for dental professionals all over the globe to address many of the problems patients fear. Dentures are individually molded to your jawline so that no one will ever know that your false teeth aren’t your real teeth. And once you get used to them, eating and speaking like normal will be no problem!

The Difference Between Partial And Full Sets

  • Partial Dentures: Used when there are still natural teeth left along the jawline. Dentists set partial sets into place with a gum-colored foundation that helps to keep your natural teeth in place.

  • Traditional Dentures: Full sets are recommended only when a patient is missing all of his or her teeth. These are a full set of teeth that are removable at your convenience.

The Cost

There are many reasons why people experience a loss of teeth. Repercussions from a traumatic event that may have knocked teeth out, gum disease, and tooth decay are all factors that may call for dentures. But again, yet another reason our clients tend to stray away from obtaining false teeth, whether they are partial or full, is because of the cost. You needn’t worry about that any longer. Our dentists at Westgate Smiles offer several payment options. Don’t keep putting off your oral health because of finances. Through flexible payment plans that are designed to fit your budget, insurance, and other options, you can have your new teeth at a low cost today!