Dental Insurance & Payments

It isn’t a mystery that dental and oral care can be expensive, especially if you are visiting us for restorative dentistry or a smile makeover. At Westgate Smiles in Bartlett, IL, we believe that everyone deserves quality care. We have a wide variety of payment options available to you if you are looking for dental work on a budget, including payment plans and credit card payments as well as looking towards you dental insurance to see what services your insurance provider pays for, and what they do not. We accept most PPO Insurance plans but please call ahead for more information in regards to your individual policy.

Affordable Dental Insurance Is Only A Step Away

Although we offer several options to our patients when it comes to finding a way to pay for their care, many individuals opt for insurance agencies to pay for their care. But insurance companies don’t always pay for everything when it comes to dental care, so it is imperative to be mindful of what items your insurance does and does not cover. Common items that most insurances pay (or pay partially) for on basic plans are:

  • Routine preventive care, such as checkups and cleanings

  • Routine diagnostic care

  • Fillings and root canals

  • Fluoride and sealants

What Dental Insurance Doesn’t Cover

While most insurance companies will cover between seventy to one hundred percent of basic treatments (as stated above), most invasive procedures only top out at around fifty percent. This means that whatever your insurance doesn’t pay for, you will have to pay for out of pocket. It is important to discuss how much you and your insurance will be paying prior to the procedure to allow you the time to prepare financially. We know that this can be a challenge during personal economic tension, and is exactly why we work to find every benefit listed out in your dental coverage plan to make sure you pay as little as possible during your visit.

In the event where you end up paying a deductible, co-pay or out of pocket for certain services, we have other options available to you to help cover the cost. We accept most major debit and credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover). We also offer CareCredit for certain procedures at 0% interest for 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. Please call for details.

Medical Billing

As part of our commitment to providing superior care, our offices are ready and able to prepare medical billing as a part of patients’ treatment plans. Medical billing as opposed to dental billing can be used in the case of many different types of medically necessary procedures, including but not limited to oral cancer screenings, TMD procedures, endodontic treatment, and trauma procedures. Because we are prepared to make medical claims, a larger number of patients can gain access to medically necessary procedures. This is just one of the many ways that we offer an incredible amount of flexibility to patients when it comes to helping provide them with the dental and oral health care that they need.