Pediatric Dental Extractions

At Westgate Smiles, we always strive to preserve the health and the teeth for all our patients, even when the tooth in question is a primary tooth in a pediatric patient. However, there are certain situations in which dental extractions of a child’s tooth may be necessary. This can be a worrying time for parents, especially if they do not understand why an extraction may be necessary or if they are concerned about the possibility of a surgical extraction for their child. As part of our comprehensive care for patients both young and old, we seek to alleviate parents’ concerns by answering some of the most common questions about extractions for younger patients.

Why Might A Child Need Dental Extractions?

Children might need extractions for any of a number of reasons. While we will always consider other options first, extractions may be necessary for a child’s dental as well as physical health. For example, in situations where a tooth is badly damaged by a cavity or dental trauma and a filling is not an option, an extraction can prevent infection of the tooth, which can spread and cause a more severe medical problem. Some situations that might necessitate dental extractions include, but are not limited to:

  • Crowding – When the teeth become crowded, extractions can help to ensure that the surrounding teeth can be aligned.

  • Impaction – While wisdom teeth are typically not removed until a patient is older, there may be some situations where teeth do not erupt fully through the gum and need to be removed.

  • Complications with Primary Teeth – In some cases, it may be necessary to perform an early extraction of a child’s primary teeth to allow the adult tooth to grow in. This can prevent more orthodontic care from being needed as the child grows older.

Are Extractions Necessary For Children?

Some parents may not realize that dental extractions may be necessary for their child, and may be put off by factors such as tooth extraction costs. However, it is highly recommended that parents follow their dentist’s recommendations if an extraction is suggested for a child, even if it is a primary tooth. Those parents who are worried about tooth extraction costs can work with the staff at Westgate Smiles in Bartlett, IL to come up with payment options that will work for their dental needs.