General Dentistry Services In Bartlett, IL

Westgate Smiles isn’t just a dental office. We are a place of learning. Education is a vital necessity in any career, and it’s important to always keep learning. Our experienced team of dental professionals are skilled in all different areas of dentistry, such as orthodontia, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, periodontistry, and general dentistry (also known as a DDS), and is always seeking new ways to keep learning when it comes to your dental and oral health. The medical field is constantly changing and adding new ways to improve current procedures, and it is our job to be on top of those new ideas.

If you are new to the realms of general dentistry and orthodontia, you may not be up to date on what exactly a general dentist is, or how they differ from others in the dental and oral health fields. Someone who works in this field is responsible for many areas of your health, and it is important to understand what exactly those duties are.

What To Expect From Your General Dentist

Normally, men and women who are studying dentistry for four or more years at an accredited dental school move on to complete three supplemental years of schooling in similar fields. This completes the basic requirements for your health practitioner to be a dentist practicing general dentistry. General dentists are held accountable for your:

  • Cumulative Oral and Dental Health: Routine checkups for preventative care are the most common services. Your dentist is responsible for maintaining your overall dental health and alerting you when something outside of that needs to be taken care of.

  • Minor Procedures: Cavities and x-rays of your teeth for issues.

  • Major Procedures: Root canals, restorative care, crowns and fillings are all examples of major procedures included in general dentistry.

  • Preventative Education: It is the job of any dentist to educate you on the dos and don’ts of everyday habits in association with your oral health. Brushing and flossing twice a day are two things your physician will always remind you of.

Common Dentistry Services Provided By Westgate Smiles

You can expect excellent dental care for all your general dentistry needs at Westgate Smiles. We pride ourselves on offering the very best technology on the market to help you attain your dental goals easily and efficiently.

Westgate Smiles offers all of the common dental services including:

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