Cone Beam Digital Imaging

If your dentist has recommended a cone beam scan, you are likely wondering what this type of dental imaging is and what you should expect from the procedure. Cone beam digital imaging has changed the field of dentistry in many ways, and has a large number of applications. It allows the Westgate Smiles team to capture a 3D image of your teeth and jaw, giving them a much clearer look at any dental problems that you may have. Better information means better treatment, and Westgate Smiles is always striving to have the most information possible, which is why we have begun to utilize this technology in our practice.

What Can I Expect With Cone Beam Digital Imaging?

Patients don’t need to do anything special to prepare for cone beam digital imaging. During the procedure, you will be asked to remain still. Complete imaging of the jaw takes under a minute, after which dentists will have the images needed to complete a 3D digital image of your teeth. Cone beam digital imaging may be used for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of cavities

  • Endodontic diagnosis and treatment

  • Dental implant placement

  • Tooth impaction diagnosis and treatment

  • Evaluation and treatment of dental trauma

  • Cosmetic and reconstructive dental assessment

What Else Should I Know About Cone Beam Digital Imaging?

While cone beam digital imaging does deliver somewhat more radiation than standard dental imaging, the amount of radiation is still less than with a medical grade CT scan. Cone beam digital imaging is also much more convenient, as it can be completed in the office as opposed to medical grade CT scanning, which is done out of office. We recommended cone beam scans in those instances where more information is needed than a standard dental x-ray can provide.

Your Westgate Smiles dentist will discuss with you whether or not the cone beam scan is the appropriate imaging option to use for the diagnosis of your dental issue. Rest assured that we will ensure you receive the best possible dental imaging for your situation, whether that means cone beam digital imaging or one of the other methods that we use at our practice.