Dental Digital Imaging

Quality care begins with gathering as much information as possible about your condition, which is why Westgate Smiles is proud to use only the best dental digital imaging technology to treat its patients. With a dental digital x-ray, we get a fuller and more accurate image of your mouth, jaw, and teeth than is available through older and less reliable imagining methods. This gives us a much better starting point when it comes to identifying potential problems, assessing what needs to be done to correct existing problems, and more.

What To Expect

A dental digital x-ray is a simple, quick procedure that requires no preparation on your part and that can be completed in-office in a matter of minutes. With dental digital imaging, we may only take a partial x-ray of your teeth, or we may complete a full scan of your mouth and jaw, depending on the reason for your visit and our assessment of your needs. Once this is completed, our dental team will be able to visualize your results and come up with a plan for your dental care. It can be used to identify and plan for different dental issues, including but not limited to:

  • Dental caries (cavities)

  • Endodontic planning and treatment

  • Tooth implants and reconstruction

  • Teeth straightening planning

  • Identifying bone infections and gum disease

  • Identifying development abnormalities

  • Screening for tumors or other issues

What Types Of Dental Digital Imaging Do You Perform At Westgate Smiles?

At Westgate Smiles, we may perform any number of different types of x-rays to assess the condition of your mouth, jaw, and teeth.

  • Intraoral x-rays such as bitewing x-rays and periapical x-rays provide greater detail, and are used to visualize the teeth to assess for and come up with a treatment plan for dental caries, root canal treatment, and much more.

  • Extraoral X-rays such as panoramic x-rays, which are taken outside of the mouth through the completion of a rotation around the head may be used for dental planning such as that required for dental implants, teeth straightening, and much more.

Dental digital imaging allows us to get the best results possible and to view those results in a matter of minutes. Rest assured that at Westgate Smiles, we will always use the best imaging technology available to us for your care.